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Cistel Technology Inc.

Who we are

Cistel provides a complete portfolio empowering the Lifecycle of Digital Modernization. We deliver IT consulting services and solutions to clients across Canada’s public and private sectors.

Our strength lies in aligning the right people with the right technology at the right time. Whether the need is for deep subject matter expertise to lead a technology initiative, extra staff to address workload requirements, or a skilled resource to fill a capability gap within an existing team, we can help.

What partners say

Over the last 15 years, I have been contracted by Cistel for multiple projects, and I consider them a key partner for the success of my business. They have consistently identified great opportunities for me within their extensive client base and worked with me closely for each client engagement to ensure that all parties – the client, Cistel, and myself, are on the same page and focused on mutual success. I know I can rely on Cistel’s recruiters and account managers to go above and beyond to support me when I need it. I appreciate working with a company that shares my personal values, including respect, trust, and professionalism. I see these as among the hallmarks of the culture at Cistel, and I look forward to continuing my relationship with them for years to come.

I was confident that the skills I had developed in the private sector would translate well to opportunities in the public sector. However, I found the prospect of making that career shift a daunting one. I feel fortunate that I decided to reach out to Cistel at that time. They helped me understand the GoC contracting landscape and worked with me to focus my job search efforts effectively. The Cistel team leveraged their client network not only to find my first government contract quickly, but they have become my primary source of contracting opportunities since then. For each project, I have appreciated that Cistel continues to engage with the client and me actively to ensure things are going smoothly. Thank you, Cistel!

I have worked as a contractor for several Cistel clients over the last ten years, and have really appreciated the effort the Cistel team makes to look out for me. I feel it’s important to not allow my skills and career path to become stagnant, and Cistel has continued to find opportunities for me to grow professionally. Something that has set them apart from other companies is how they advocate for me when opportunities arise for me to take on a new or more senior role. I find this has helped to keep me challenged, as well as continuing to increase my marketability in a very competitive industry.

Although you may not be in the Cistel office, you know you are part of the Cistel team. They maintain a solid relationship with their employees and consultants through phone calls, e-mails, ZOOM meetings, and in-person meetings or lunches (when permitted by COVID restrictions). They never fail to respond quickly and appropriately to all questions or concerns. I have complete confidence in their efforts to provide me with all of the support I need to fulfill my obligations to my client.

I have been working at Cistel as a contractor for more than two years. Despite everything currently being done virtually, Cistel’s management really cares about you and your wellbeing and makes you feel like you are a part of the company. Fantastic team and work culture. They always pay on time and are a great place to work.

Cistel has been a great partner for CyberTeneT in establishing and maintaining solid relationships with clients looking for Cyber Security Expertise. The Cistel team has been supportive and proactively working with both my company and the clients I work with.

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